For us, it all starts with water.

Mission Statement

Kingdom Agriculture Technologies® is a water-focused technology company that cleans and filters water. We develop technology solutions to improve health outcomes, save producers and consumers money, reduce chemical use and the overall environmental footprint.

We love what we sell and sell how we live. We believe clean and filtered water is the key ingredient to producing better people, plants, and planet.

Founder’s Bios

Lars Marohn

Founder - Kingdom Agriculture Technologies, Inc.

Water Treatment Technology Specialist
North Carolina State University: Turf Grass Management
Former Golf Course Superintendent
20+ years of experience
• Water management
•Copper Ionization
•Technology development and sourcing

Lars Marohn is one of the founding partners of Kingdom Agriculture Technologies. Mr. Marohn has over 20 years of experience developing and sourcing technologies that solve problems related to unclean and unfiltered water. Mr. Marohn has studied horticulture through the NC State Turf Grass Management program. His early career led him through managing, building, and cultivating a number of golf courses in the NC region. His experience with growing led him to a number of technologies which have vast applications in cleaning water for plant and agricultural products, as well as improvement in the practices of some of the most well-known golf courses in the nation. Mr. Marohn has focused his efforts on developing and sourcing technologies which improve horticultural and agricultural outcomes, at reduced costs, and without the use of harmful chemicals.

Jordan Rives

Founder - Kingdom Agriculture Technologies, Inc.

Business Strategy & Development
University of Georgia: Banking & Finance
Technology and system development
Healthcare and financial IT operational strategy
Business valuations and analysis

Jordan Rives is one of the founding partners of Kingdom Agriculture Technologies. Mr. Rives has over a decade of experience in business and technology development. He studied Banking and Finance at the University of Georgia and has worked for some of the largest consulting and accounting firms in the world. His business focus is on capital efficient business and technology with a specific approach to food, water, energy, and health. His work in healthcare and banking has led him to understand the need for low-cost and high-quality food and water options for everyday individuals to lead to better holistic lifestyles and health outcomes.