Kingdom Copper Ionization





How Copper Ionization works

Copper Ionization is the process of producing positively charged copper ions (Cu++) known as “free copper”.

Due to its high positive charge, free copper unites easily with negatively-
charged particles and organic matter.

Free copper cleans and fertilizes irrigation water and infrastructure.

Copper ionization increases calcium uptake in plants.

Since free copper is a micronutrient, plants uptake only what is needed for growth and haven’t shown signs of excess or residual copper buildup.

Free copper is more accessible to plants than traditional “bound copper”.

Copper ionization is a positively-charged solution that is attracted to negatively-charged plant surfaces, reducing drift when used with
agricultural sprayers.

Due to copper ionizations positive charge, it does not unite with gram-
positive particles.

Why the Kingdom Ion® system is the choice for cleaning and enhancing irrigation water.

The Kingdom Ion® system carries free copper from the point of injection throughout the irrigation system infrastructure; cleaning irrigation water and system components all the way to the plant’s roots.

The consistent and controlled supply of free copper ions prevents scale buildup.

The Kingdom Ion® system produces a consistent and controlled supply of free copper (0.1 to 10 PPM) in order to clean and enhance irrigation water. The Kingdom Ion® system cleans irrigation water organically using only copper ions.

Other technologies only clean water at the “point of injection”, leaving dirt, grime, and minerals that contribute to scale buildup and other issues as the water moves throughout the system.

The Kingdom Ion® system reduces or eliminates chemical use.

Kingdom Custom Filtration

Why Kingdom Custom Filtration is the best solution for filtered water.

We provide customized residential, commercial, and agricultural water filtration systems that target your unique water makeup.

We provide a detailed water analysis showing the complete makeup of your water.

Our filtration medias specifically target your unique water makeup to address metals, inorganics, organics and bacteria in your water.

Our water analysis is performed by one of the world’s highest-accredited labs and shows your water makeup detailed to the part per million (ppm).

We use fully-automated controls for ease-of-use, accuracy, and system monitoring.

Our systems backwash in order to purge filtered substances and clean filtration media, elongating the life of the system.

We offer a yearly “Kingdom Care” maintenance contract to help elongate the life of the unit.

We have no one-size-fits-all or off-the-shelf products.

Fully-customized filtration is the only way to achieve the highest quality water.

How Kingdom Custom Filtration is implemented

  • We determine your unique water makeup by taking a sample of 8 ounces of your water.
  • If you have existing filtration, we take a sample of the pre-filtered “source” water, as well as a post-filtration sample.
  • We send the water samples to a highly-accredited laboratory to be analyzed.
  • The detailed water analysis identifies any issues in your water.
  • We present the water analysis and the suggested solution for you to

We perform a pre-installation inspection and discussion to review the following:

  • The system components and what they are designed to achieve.
  • Your specific water issues and desired results.
  • A mutual understanding of what “success” looks like.
  • Any short-term issues you may experience depending on the system installed.
  • Client sign-off on checklist of what to expect from Kingdom Custom Filtration.
  • Ready to commit? Pay a 50% deposit, and we will schedule the installation with the plumber of your choice.
  • If you do not have a preferred plumber, we will suggest one.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We are not a plumbing company, and do not guarantee any of the work of the plumbing company selected.
  • We do not include the cost of plumbing in our estimates.
  • Plumbing is the direct responsibility of the client, and we are released of all liability resulting from any plumbing related issues.
  • During installation, a Kingdom Agriculture Technologies representative will review the system components with you, monitor the system installation, and test the system once installed.
  • We will train you on the system’s functionality and proper use.
  • Final balance is due on day of installation.
  • We offer a yearly maintenance contract on all systems and have each system alert Kingdom Agriculture if maintenance needs arise.