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Kingdom Agriculture Technologies®

For us, it all starts with water

Kingdom Agriculture Technologies® is a water-focused technology company that cleans and filters water. We develop technology solutions to improve health outcomes, save producers and consumers money, reduce chemical use and the overall environmental footprint.

Copper Ionization Benefits: Clean Water

The Kingdom Ion® System

A fully automated and easy-to-use copper ionization system.

Cleans water, eliminates scale, and enhances the nutrient uptake process.

A nutrition enhancement and copper fertilization system. 

Reduces or eliminates chemical use.

Reduces costs and environmental footprint.

Produces better plants with stronger and whiter root systems.

Increases calcium uptake in plants.

Provides an insurance policy against malnutrition and scale buildup.

Cleans and descales irrigation systems organically from the “point of injection” all the way to the plant’s roots.

Kingdom Custom Filtration Benefits: Filtered Water

Customized Residential, Commercial and Agricultural Water Filtration Systems

All systems are based on your unique water analysis and needs.

Kingdom Custom Filtration analysis shows your water makeup detailed to the part per million (ppm).

Your water is laboratory tested to provide accurate analysis and solutions.

Metals, inorganics, organics, and bacteria are removed from your water.

Our systems are able to filter down to one micron.

Fully-automated controls. 

Minimal maintenance required under proper use.

Copper Ionization Users 

Metrolina Greenhouses
Bailey Nurseries
Golden Seed Company
Costa Farms
Van Vugt
Vanbelle Greenhouses

Willoway Nurseries
Zyromski Greenhouses
Rakers of Acres
Westbrook Floral
Green Circle Growers
Mid American Growers

Spring Meadow Nursery
Nurserymen’s Exchange
Fable Farms
Dan Schantz Greenhouses
Holtkamp Greenhouses